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Wandering in North Carolina with the Leica M10-R

Yesterday (April 5th, 2023) I spent the morning wandering across the Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge in hope of seeing a Black Bear or a Red Wolf.

Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge is a 152,000 acre wetland refuge that is home to the largest Black Bear population in the Eastern United States and a re-introduction site for the critically Endangered Red Wolf.

Located west/southwest of Manteo-Roanoke Island in Pamlico Sound, the refuge and wildlife drive is accessible from NC Route 64. On NC 64 you will see signs alerting you to Black Bears and Red Wolves.

I am in the middle of shooting a long-term personal project along the Eastern United States and Canadian coastline. All of that shooting is via drone and with my Fujifilm GFX kit. The fog nixed my aerial plans.

It did give me a chance to re-set that morning by challenging myself –to use one lens and one camera – my Leica M10-R and the Zeiss 50mm F/2 Planar.

I believe it is important for photographers to create images for the pure joy of shooting and without concerns about stock, client concerns or self-imposed limitations.

I hope you enjoy them. (Please do not copy or use without written permission @Cameron Davidson)