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Tilt Shift Perspective Control lenses on the Fujifilm GFX camera

Using Tilt/Shift and perspective control lenses on Fuji medium format cameras

Recently, several professional photographers have asked me about using perspective control and shift lenses with the Fujifilm GFX system. Basically adapting either Canon or Nikon perspective control lenses or medium format lenses via shift adapter and asking how to do it and if it works..

You can do it and I’ve written two articles about it. have published apiece about the upcoming Fujifilm 30mm and 110mm tilt-shift lenses. However, there is no release date or costs, as of today. (Monday October 17th, 2022)

Also, the Nikon 19mm and Canon/Nikon 24mm Tilt/Shift lenses offer a much-wider point of view then the expected 30mm lens from Fujifilm.  I expect that the Fujifilm lenses will have incredible optics and a price to match.

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Also, Nine-Volt in California has created a very cool body cap that incorporates Apple Air tags for keeping track of your GFX camera.