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Three (Canadian) YouTube photographer channels

Three photographers with YouTube channels worth subscribing to.

Funny, two of these three photographers are friends.

Underexposed with Alastair Bird

Alastair is based in Vancouver and has been friend for many years. (he also owns a couple of lenses I wish I had never sold)

He shoots a lot of film and has a low drama channel that focuses on film, unusual gear and delivers it in a low-key, solid, professional manner.

Heading east from Vancouver, we find my friend Todd Korol basking in the sunny paradise of Calgary, Alberta.

Todd’s channelA Larger Format is focused on his long-term personal projects, large format cameras, larger format digital cameras (he loves his Hassy X1D II) and of course, his Leica M cameras. It is a quiet, introspective and highly educational channel.

Heading across the Atlantic to the United Kingdom, where Ontario photographer Kyle McDougall makes his home.

Kyle’s video style and demeanor is low-key and focused on process of how he shoots and more importantly, why he shoots. He has a book coming out on his travels across the American West, titled An American Mile, to be published by Objectively Objective.

So there you have it, three photographers with YouTube channels that I feel are worth checking out.

What I like about all three of these channels, is you will not find: hype about gear that they do not use. All three are actively creating images and are very talented.