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Scanning my film archive

Using a Macro lens and a Nikon adapter to digitize my image collection.

Rappahanock River of Virginia – Fuji Velvia

Using a bit of holiday down time to start “scanning” my film archive. Using my Fujifilm XT-4, with a TTArtisan 40mm Macro and the Nikon ES-1 to hold the slides. Everything is shot with the base ISO of the camera. 

Backlighting for the slide holder is an inexpensive 12″ LED panel I picked up from Amazon. 

The TTArtisan lens focuses to 1:1 ratio and has a 52mm front thread – which allowed me to mount the Nikon ES-1 without an adapter. Pretty simple process of checking focus with the XT-4 – just punch in and fine focus on the back screen or in Capture One. Camera rig sits atop a Acratech head on an Arca-Swiss style RRS adapter.

Next test with be with the Fuji GFX 100s and a Pentax 120 mm Macro (amazing lens) using a Pentax to GFX adapter with a step-down adapter for the ES-1.

These slides are from my Chesapeake Bay watershed book that was published in 2011 with UVA Press.

Fujifilm XT-4 with TTArtisan 40mm Macro
XT-4 with TTArtisian 40mm Macro
Nikon ES-1 Slide adapter
Capture One with scans