About Cameron

At 23 I found myself driving in rural Maryland on my way to photograph Great Blue Herons for National Geographic. A flash of yellow on the side of the road caught my eye – a yellow Piper Cub airplane, barely visible behind a red tobacco barn. I hit the brakes in my ancient Volkswagen Squareback, did a quick u-turn, and drove up to the farmhouse to introduce myself to the pilot. Within an hour we were airborne, and I was shooting the Heron Rookery and the Patuxent River from above. I was hooked. That short flight brought everything together for me: I found a way to shoot landscapes from a different perspective and create graphic images that challenged the viewer’s expectations.

A few highlights from my career:

Circumnavigation of the globe in 15 days
70 hours in helicopters photographing the Great Mississippi River Flood
-8 degrees at 8600 feet over the Shenandoah River -16 at 9200 feet above New York City
Farthest North – Wrangel Island – Arctic Russia
Farthest South – Mt. Cook, New Zealand
350 feet over an active volcano in Ethiopia
Idaho wildfires in a Schweitzer 300 (never again)
12,460 feet in an Enstrom helicopter above the Mississippi River – ten minutes later we were shooting fog on the river at 20 feet.
Aftermaths of Hurricanes Andrew, Fran and Irma.
Haitian 2010 Earthquake
Two winter/spring seasons holed up in a blind 80 feet above the ground photographing Great Blue Herons
Retraced the flight of US Air Flight 1549 that crashed into the Hudson River from a helicopter.

I am a lucky man: a wonderful wife who is much smarter than me, two rescue Maine Coon Cats who think that they are dogs, six books published, clients that trust me and a U.S. Postage stamp to boot.

Besides photography, I am a German watch aficionado, Washington Nationals fan, bird watcher and sometimes guitar player whose musical interests vary from bluegrass to classical to blues to hard rock.

Cameron Davidson
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