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The Stream | Al Jereeza | Coal + Ice exhibit

First time live TV Interview.

A few pictures from my visit to Al Jezeera yesterday and interview with Femi Oke on The Stream, along with photographers Ian Teh and Meridith Kohut, who are also in the Coal + Ice climate change exhibit that opens today at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC. This was the first time I have been interviewed on TV and yes, I was nervous.

Femi and her staff, especially her producer, Anade Situma made you feel comfortable and welcome.

Also appearing on the show via remote were Camile Seaman, Nicole Sobecki and Gideon Mendel.

Kudo’s to the Steadycam guy with his gigantic 52mm Invicta watch, the sound man and the on-set producer/director plus the driver who is seriously into watches.

The Coal + Ice exhibit opens this evening at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC. (March 15th, 2022) and runs until April 22nd, 2022.