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Switching to the Fuji medium format GFX system

Fujifilm lens tests 100-200 Zoom on GFX 50R


I am switching over to the Fuji GFX system for the majority of my work.  This new mirrorless system is incredibly flexible with using other manufactures lenses. (IE: Nikon and Canon perspective control glass) plus their lens series is substantial.  I own six lenses, the GFX 50R and the new 100S on order should arrive shortly.

The majority of my medium format kit was ordered from Steve Hendrix at Capture Integration in Atlanta. In my opinion, they’re the best dealer for medium format, and they have long-standing relationships with Fujifilm, Capture One, Phase One, Hasselblad, Alpa and Cambo.  They know photographers, their work and what works best for each person. 

Why the switch? Nikon has been good to me for many years. I own an extensive Nikon kit and have been quite happy with the D850 bodies and lenses.  However, the possibility of shooting 102 megapixel images from the air is enticing. Plus, my shooting style and client base has changed a bit.  I am shooting more landscape, architecture, civil engineering and environmental projects.  These subjects lend themselves to a quieter, slower approach with high resolution cameras. 

Michael Clark has written an excellent overview of the Fuji 100s and how he uses it for action sport photography. He is also a long-time Nikon user and has sold his Nikon DSLR system and committed to the Fuji GFX bodies and lenses. His blog post, about the transition from DSLR to a mirrorless camera kit, speaks about the transition from film to digital.  It is worth reading if you are interested in the Fuji GFX camera kit.

The Capture Integration blog has a good overview of the Fujifilm 100s



Now and as soon as the 100s ships.

Regarding lens adapters; so far my experience has only been with Nikon lenses.  the Nikon D and G lenses can be used with the Metabones or Fotodiox adapters. Using the Nikkor Tilt/Shift series E lenses requires the Steelsring adapter, which support autofocus with the G lenses. (it is slow, and it hunts for focus – not recommended)  Using my Nikkor PC lenses on the Fujifilm GFX bodies requires the Steelsring adapter.  I understand it is much easier to use the Canon tilt/shift or Medium format T/S lenses via adapters.

Feb 4, 2020, Nanticoke River Marshes
GFX 50R sporting the 100-200 mm zoom lens