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Switched over to all Fujifilm, all the time

The Big Switch to Fujifilm

The new Fujifilm GFX 100s has arrived via the good people at Capture Integration in Atlanta (and FEDEX, of course).

I’ve been testing several tilt/shift and shift lenses on the camera for my landscape, civil engineering and architectural work. So far, the Nikon 19 mm is the sharpest of the bunch, followed by the Canon 24 mm version II (which I have not purchased yet), then a couple of Pentax medium format lenses: the 75 mm shift from the Pentax 67 line and the 35 mm  DFA from the 645 line that I will use with a shift adapter.  I may also pick up a 55 mm Pentax 645 lens in the future that I will also use with a shift adapter.

In a few weeks, Virginia will start to green-up for the yearly seven weeks of intense pollen and incredible foliage. I’ll be out and about with the drones on a personal project in the mountains of Virginia and West Virginia plus shooting several architectural projects in Northern Virginia and Washington DC.

As of this week, I am one-month out from my second Covid-19 vaccination shot and, accordingly to the CDC, I am fully vaccinated.  I am looking forward to being with friends and family (mask less) once everyone is in the clear.  Shoots will continue with full Covid-19 protection and protocol. Looking forward to shoots in April that are outside and a mix of aerial and landscape.

Links to GFX dealer and adapters: (non-affiliate)

Capture Integration  

Steelsring Adapter



GFX 50R sporting the 100-200 mm zoom lens