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Photographers and Creative Consultants

Photographers working with creative consultants.

Over the years, I have worked with several creative consultants to help me define, redefine and wend my way through the creative maze.  Some of them understood my way of working and looking at the world. (Ian Summers of the long-ago creative directory, The Black Book was the first consultant I engaged. Great guy. )

Others, who shall remain nameless, basically sold me a pre-packaged bunch of ideas, lists and goals, along with trying to sign me up to an array of subscription services.

There are four exceptional creative consultants that I can recommend – I’ve worked with all of them over the past 12 years – I like their approach and personalities.

Fine Art Photography Consulting

For fine art guidance and help in understanding that world, in my opinion, there is only person: Mary Virginia Swanson.

Swanee, as she is affectionately known, is a legend in the photo industry.  She is direct, helpful, full of energy and gives solid advice and guidance.  Her workshops always sell out, plus she is active in many zoom meetings/workshops, helping to expand the world of fine art photography. I love working with her.  She is based in Tucson, Arizona.

Mary Virginia Swanson Consultant
Fine Art photography consultant


Editorial Photography Consultant

For editorial work, Heidi Volpe is incredibly well-known, a superb photo editor and designer.  I worked with Heidi about ten-years ago, and she was helpful in her suggestions, designs and approaches.  My friend, Jeffrey Salter suggested working with Heidi, and it was a pleasant experience.  She was a joy to work with, and she got me. She understood my approach and what I wanted to do.  Plus, she is a world-class bike athlete. California based.

Heidi Volpe Web Site
Editorial photography editor, art director and photography consultant

Commercial Photography Consulting

Stephanie Menuez is a former NYC photographers rep. She knows her stuff, has a great eye, and an even better working style. Her brother, Doug Menuez is a fantastic photographer who has a distinctive vision.  Creative talent runs in their family.  Stephanie helped with a redesign on my website a few years back. I was pleased with her selections and how she structured the site.  I plan to work with her again in the near future. Vermont based.

Stephanie Menuez
Commercial photography consultant

Commercial Photographer Consulting plus guidance

I met Stacy Swiderski a few years back at a local APA DC event. A photographer friend had worked with her and liked her approach. I decided to give her a set of images and she what she came up with – she has a wonderful sense of design and pairing. Plus, she offers custom portfolio printing. She is based in Philadelphia.

Stacy Swiderski
Photographer consultant based in Philadelphia.


Other Creative Consultants for Photographers

There are quite a few consultants that can help guide you in your career. I’ve found that the best process is to listen to yourself, make a plan, with goals and then interview consultants. Do not accept everything they say or what you hear. Do your homework, look at the websites of photographers that they have worked with and get in touch with them and get thoughts and opinions.

I’d love to hear your thoughts, suggestions and referrals. Please leave a comment.

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