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My Social Media Channels

My Social Media Channels

Besides this blog, (which I’m not really sure if that is considered “social Media”), you’ll find me on these social media channels, Instagram, Behance and LinkedIn.

Deleting Twitter

I’ve been on and off Twitter a couple of times and deleted my account a few weeks ago.

My reasoning: I had a disturbing incident when another photographer called me and asked me why I “liked” a tweet by a photographer who was concerned about sexual assault within our industry.

Honestly, even though I know the photographer who questioned me, it felt pretty creepy. Close to stalking in fact.

I decided on the spot to delete my account. Life is too short to deal with this sort of behavior.

The Instagram account is the most active, and it is a mix of  aerials, landscapes, the occasional portrait and behind-the-scenes images or gear in action.

If you are interested, please take a look at the IG account or on Behance.  Thank you.



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