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Learning to use Capture One Pro 21 – update

Additional resources and training for Capture One 21.

Udemy C1 course

Udemy Capture Oe Course

The Image Alchemist is a useful resource for  a Capture One user. The Image Alchemist sells presets (which are quite good) plus offers online training in English or Dutch.

Image Alchemist photogrpah of website

Capture Integration

Capture Integration is, in my opinion, the best medium format dealer in North America. Their support and training is outstanding. Plus they have an archive of older version of Capture One in case you need to downgrade.

Capture Integration Support website

AlexonRaw (Alex Svet)  of 1 Styles Pro

Alex has a wonderful freebie guide to Capture One 12 (last years version before the naming change). A useful guide to keep on your laptop or phone, especially if you are on location, tethering and run into a snag. His film presets at are extensive and well worth purchasing.

AlexonRaw free Guide to Capture One Pro

Additional Capture One resources.

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