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Learning how to use Capture One Pro 21

Learning Capture One

Learn how to use Capture One Pro.

I’ve been a Capture One user since version 2.7. The newest release is Capture One Pro 21. (version 13)

It is a fantastic program and extremely powerful – but – it is very different than Adobe products, and it reflects its Danish heritage. Personally, I prefer the Capture One approach of keeping everything from a shoot in one box, mindset.

Here are a few channels that you may find helpful for learning, understanding and using Capture One.

Capture One Pro

This is the C1channel that is the home base for interviews, lessons and how to use new features.

Zoe Noble

Zoe is a frequent contributor to the C1 channel. She is a very talented photographer and retoucher who splits her time between London and Berlin. Her C1 and Photoshop videos are worth watching.

Michael Woloszynowicz

Ace retoucher and beauty photographer based in Toronto. Exceptional insight into tools of C1 and how to use layers well.  Also known for his C1 presets.

Capture One Blog

An excellent resource with posts from guest photographers. (I have four posts on the blog)

Alex on RAW

Alex Svet is a Russian photographer and Capture One wizard. He has an incredibly large Capture One styles collection available for purchase along with freebies.

Kasia Zmokla

A YouTube channel focused on retouching and grading.

Hope this helps. Please leave a comment below if you know of other Capture One resources that you would like to share.  Thank you.

My blog post about Capture One Presets and Styles

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