GoProfessional Cases fantastic customer service

GoProfessional cases

My Inspire 2 drone with batteries and extras resides in a GoProfessional case that has seen more than its fair share of commercial aircraft flights, bumpy mountain roads and being rolled/dragged across gravel work sites.  I am not sponsored by GoProfessional and I own several of their cases for my drones – plus their fantastic backpack for the Inspire 2.

Recently, the wheels on my Inspire 2 case started shredding layers of rubber.

Last week, I phoned GoProfessional customer support (858-467-7903) and asked them a how do I replace the wheels. The response was, no problem, SKB makes the cases for them and the wheels have a lifetime warranty.  The customer service rep said, I’ll ship you a new set today at no-charge.  Usually, in the past, when I phoned them, the support process was a bit more complicated and involved them looking up my purchase to confirm that I was, indeed, a customer.  Not this time, and I appreciated it.

Shredded wheels on a GoProfessional drone case
Replacement wheel with old wheels on a GoProfessional drone case.

Wheels arrived by Priority Mail this morning.

Removing the older, shredded wheels was fairly easy. One gave me a bit of a problem, the interior axle spun along with the screw holding it into place.  After removing the wheels, the new ones popped right in, and I threaded the screws through the axles and tightened them up. (use a 5/32 hex for the axle screws and a small pair of pliers to handle/hold the locking nut.)

So, hats off to GoProfessional for polite and helpful customer service and to their partner SKB in getting the wheels out to me right away.