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Capture One Hidden Secrets

I’ve been using C1 since version 2.7. – Version 23 is about to release.

This eBook, Capture One Hidden Features,  is guiding me to all the tricks and shortcuts I have missed over the years.

Alex Svet, the C1 guru in Estonia has written a guide full of little tidbits to help you with Capture One.


If you buy the book, use the code CD10 for ten-percent savings.


DONATION for Ukraine

I started writing this book in 2021 and finished it after February 24, 2022. This day has changed the lives of millions of people forever.

As a native Russian, I’m horrified, and I feel the grief of the people of Ukraine. I can’t do much, but I have the skill of forming words into sentences that people are willing to pay for. And I wish to use this money the right way.

– 10% of the earnings from this book will be donated to children from Ukraine that have gone through severe suffering.

– You can get this book free of charge by donating $40 or more to any organization from this list. Simply send me the receipt for the donation to my email, and I’ll send you a free copy of this book.

If you’re a photographer from Ukraine, just sent me an email and I’ll send you this book free of charge.

FREE Chapters

You can download four sample chapters for free at:

From these four chapters, you’ll learn how to draw two gradients on a single layer, use mask inversion in editing, and set up must-have shortcuts. Also, you’ll see how to create macro commands to copy everything except layers and run Edit in Photoshop in a single click.

  • Capture One Hidden Features is a collection of more than 200 pro hints to improve your Capture One workflow, structured into an easy-to-read book.
  • This book was created for Capture One users who are familiar with all the essential features and are looking to discover advanced tools and workflow hints.
  • Capture One Hidden Features comes in two formats, PDF and ePUB, so it’s super convenient to read from your iPad, laptop, or phone. 
  • The book has already been acclaimed by the top Capture One experts and industry professionals. 
  • You’ll get three bonuses with the book: 1) Dynamic Symmetry grids for Capture One that allow you to evaluate composition faster. 2) 10 styles for Capture One 3) 5 Style Brushes for Capture One
  • The full book includes: 200+ pro hints, 40 chapters, 234 pages.

Free Sample Presets

Over the years, I’ve used Alex’s presets for Capture One.

I am fond of his B&W presets and I have used them as a basis for intense black and white landscapes.

Youtube Channel

Alex has a pretty good youtube channel that is useful for getting the skinny on new features in C1. It is worth checking out.


Ten percent savings on the book and styles


Use the code CD10 to save ten-percent on the purchase of the ebook or any of Alex’s packages or styles.