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Books and Music

A look at what is on the bookshelf and what tunes I am playing

Recent Reads:

River of Lakes – a Journey on Florida’s St. Johns River – Bill Belleville

Flowing north to the Atlantic at Jacksonville. Belleville’s journey takes him via canoe, powerboat, airboat and ferry from swamp and tidal marshes to the open sea – revealing the turbulent history of Florida’s 300 plus mile river.

Extreme Ownership – How U.S. Navy Seals Lead and Win – Jocko Willink & Leif Babin

Former U.S. Navy Seals on leadership: a fascinating book on war, leadership and taking ownership of your life decisions. This is the type of book, I wish had been written when I was starting out in my career.

Never Finished – Unshackle your mind and win the war within – David Goggins

David Coggins, a retired Navy SEAL, is, super-human. This book is about his challenges to outperform himself and create a mindset that allows him to do, what many consider, impossible physical feats.

Recent music:

Phillip Glass – Piano Works – Vikingur Olafsson

One of two classical pianists that are on my permanent play list (the other being Alice Sara Ott). A beautiful and somewhat haunting collection of piano pieces.

5 Classic Albums (a boxed set) – Sharon Isbin

My favorite classical guitarist. This is a box set of her albums exploring different styles of music written and re-written for classical guitar.

Son of a Witch – Justin Johnson

I have watched quite a few of Justin’s YouTube videos about his home-made guitars, including the notorious shovel guitar. He is an acoustic guitar wizard primarily focused on delta and Chicago blues, plus a fair amount of Americana and roots music. His tunes can be atmospheric at times, but always enjoyable.