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A sudden storm and fun with a GoPro

GoPro 7 time-lapse with Davinci Resolve Pro 17.

Funny how a weather forecast can change your shoot schedule to staying at home instead of being in the marshes of the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

Today, I was supposed to be along the Nanticoke River shooting a project on tidal changes.  The forecast went from rain to the possibility of up to 16 inches of heavy snow. Not the best driving weather and certainly not for shooting from elevated perspectives.

I decided since I was stuck at home for the day, I would capture the snow fall as a time-lapse with one of my GoPro cameras.

A ruler I had in front of the camera fell over after a few minutes, so it went MIA.

This video is about two hours of snowfall at a frame every two seconds. I dropped a few frames, edited it tighter and then sped up the video by two-thousand percent.

Color temperature changed a bit during the filming – going from cold early morning light to a bit warmer than back to cold light – all dependent how much sun could peak through the layers of  clouds.

Just a fun experiment for a snowy day.

Davinci Resolve 17

GoPro 7

Go Pro is up to the GoPro 10 now. If I were to buy a newer GoPro, I’d go for the 9 or possibly the 10.  I have read of the 10 overheating for some video shoots and the 9 is very good and reliable.